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The benefits of massage

Life can be very demanding, having a regular massage offers physical, mental and emotional benefits. It does not only encourage positive health and well-being, it also helps to reduce the effects of day to day stress, it offers better blood circulation and reduces cramps and aches, while improving your muscular flexibility. All in all, having a massage is nurturing mind, body & spirit.

  • Reduction of cramps and aches, muscular flexibility

The following types of massage are available :

Cosmetic lymphatic drainage

promotes the elimination of toxins and frees the body from tension accumulated during the day - the perfect treatment for relieving the sensation of heavy legs.

Imperial massage

reduces stress, promotes oxygenation of the blood and stimulates the circulation. A carefully choreographed sequence of movements involving deep-tissue massage generates a feeling of total wellbeing.

Shiatzu - acupressure therapy for the treatment of :

thérapie par acupression pour le traitement :

  • pain (neuralgia, sciatica, back pain)
  • heavy legs
  • migraine
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • digestive problems

for physical balance and general wellbeing.

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